• Dead Reckoning High Rollers Dice Set
  • Dead Reckoning High Rollers Dice Set

Dead Reckoning High Rollers Dice Set

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If the enemies in your Dungeons & Dragons campaign won’t play by the rules, why should you? Embrace your dark side and roll BLACK METAL dice with BLOOD RED numbers and HighRollers symbol to maximise your badass/edgelord power!

Inspired by our anti hero campaign Dead Reckoning these dark metal dice are a perfect way to celebrate Dungeons & Dragons and the HighRollers characters, whether your Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic Evil, they are sure to help you tell an exciting adventure!

- Full set of RPG polyhedral 7-die pack. Comes with a single d4, d6, d8, d10, D12, D100 (percentile) and custom D20 with HighRollers logo in place of the 20.
- Come in presentation tin with foam padding.
- Easy to read numbering, with underscoring on 6 and 9. Made with high precision manufacture for accurate, fair rolling.
- High quality manufacturing process keeps the dice look their best, no fear for chips or scratches. Ideal for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other Roleplaying games.
- Made from an Aluminium - Zinc alloy.

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