Brewis Ginley's Jingle Gin 2.0

Brewis Ginley's Jingle Gin 2.0

$66.25 USD

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Yep, it's back, and ready to wing its way to you in time for your Christmas tipple (as long as you're over 18 and live in the UK)

This year's blend was custom selected by Brewis Ginley himself, against some 'stiff' competition from Ben and Lydia (insofar as Ben's blend was foul, and Lydia's was too strong to legally sell for anything other than paint stripping).

Each bottle is individually numbered as part of a strictly limited run. Once they are gone they are gone. That's it. We're serious. There will be no more. Do also note that this is a pre-order item. The gin itself will be sent out on the 13th of December, so should be with you in plenty of time for the festivities. 

Some legal disclaimers:


This item is only for sale in the UK, as distributing alcohol outside of the UK is... erm... too hard this year.

Orders placed from outside of the UK will appear to go through, but will then be refunded. We're sorry, but logistically we just cannot make it happen for buyers in other regions this year. We hope you understand.

And staying on the subject of things that need to be understood, being that it's an alcoholic, booze-based item, you absolutely, positively can only buy this gin if you are over 18 years of age. Any attempt to buy this product by anyone under that age will break UK law. And besides that, the nice postman who delivers such things won't give you the bottle anyway, unless you can prove your age with photographic ID.