Brewis Ginley's Bristol Blend Tea

Brewis Ginley's Bristol Blend Tea

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Missed out on the Jingle Gin this year? How about a traditional Bristol brew instead?! Well... maybe not traditional, but definitely delicious.

This beautiful box of goodies contains an engraved tea strainer, a perfect measure tea spoon, and three loose-leaf tea flavours. Snuggle up for a livestream with a cup of Banana Bread Chai, sip a brew of Honey Bee Beautiful while you set up a festive board game, or soothe yourself after a GMod rage-quit with a mug of Toasted Apple.

There are only a limited number of sets available, and once they are gone, that's it. So get yours now. Or don't, and risk never knowing what the perfect cup of tea tastes like. It's up to you. But we'd really recommend not living that way.

We'll be shipping these bad boys globally, so even if you fancy a brew on a beach in California (and why not?), we've got your back.