Bodega Book

Bodega Book

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You asked for it. (You asked and asked and asked and ASKED. It was incessant. ) So here it is, Bodega: Tales from the Bodegaverse. Second Edition.

Because no one can have enough Bodega in their lives right? This marvellous work of fiction from Edward Forsyth contains all the episodes of Bodega previously aired on the Triforce Podcast, and a bit of extra Bodega action for your perusing pleasure. 

Pssssst Hey Pard, we know that you might not be into lugging a full blown book around for your reading pleasure so we have also published an e-book version on kindle. Click this link to buy, but be aware that in the act of saving trees you are funding a billion dollar corporation so for every action.

For those of you that can't or just plain won't read, the Bodega audio book is now available on Audible! Get yours now 

In the US? Try this link instead.